Only the best road-side assistance service for Mallorca’s best car rental

At Formentor Rent a Car we take care of you. We wish your experience to be perfect: for the car to be to your liking, and for you to discover the incredible hidden corners of the island, at all times calm and reassured because –when all else fails– our 24h road-side assistance service will be sure to solve your problems.

Road-side assistance

Our multi-lingual professionals are always ready to help you get to your destination in Mallorca: our customer service pone line will guide you towards our Formentor Rent a Car offices, your desired destination or towards resolving any unforeseen circumstance that may arise during your stay in Mallorca.


*Visit our “Terms and Conditions of Service” in order to get to know our insurance and its featured coverage.

Assistance in case of accident

Our prices for car rental service in Mallorca include unlimited civil liability car insurance*. In case of an accident do not get nervous, simply call Formentor Rent a Car: we will advise you on the steps to take, and in case needed, will come to the location of the accident and help you.


*Visit our “Terms and Conditions of Service” in order to get to know our insurance and its featured coverage.

Vehicle insurance and additional drivers

At Formentor Rent a Car we place a wide range of extra services at your disposal so you can enjoy your holiday with all the possible conveniences. All extra services from Formentor Rent a Car entail an added price and those you have ordered during your stay in Mallorca will be added to your car’s rental fee. 


Additional driver fee: €4 per day up to a maximum €40.

Baby seats and raised seating for children

Rent a baby chair or a seat raiser for children and make sure the little ones are travelling safe and that you’re complying with road regulation while driving around the island in your rental car. Select the option “child seat” when making your booking and when we hand over your car it’ll be ready.


Price for baby chair or raised seat: €5 per day up to a maximum 45€.

Delivery service

There’ll be no surcharge in your fee if you collect and return the rental car to any of our offices in Puerto de Pollensa, Cala Sant Vicenç and Ca’n Pastilla: choose the one that suits you best when making your booking!

Request your custom delivery service for the following situations:

- Pick-up and Drop-off to/from hotel or villa in Puerto Pollensa: FREE

Pick-up and Drop-off to/from hotel or villa in Ca′n Pastilla: FREE

- Pick-up and Drop-off in different locations: Price €22. Free for rentals over 7 days. 

Pick-up and Drop-off to/from hotel or villa in other Mallorca town: Price €22. Free for rentals over 7 days in length.

*Delivery to hotels and villas begins at 8:30am. Returns to offices as well as collection from hotels and villas, until 7pm.

Pick-up and Drop-off at airport

Collect and deliver your rental car from Formentor Rent a Car at the Airport of Palma de Mallorca: waiting in the airport parking lot will be the car you have chosen and one of our employees to serve you in person. You will be able to begin enjoying Mallorca with your Formentor Rental Car right from the airport, easy and without queues!


- Pick-up and Drop-off at airport: Price € 35. Free for rentals over 7 days long.

-Pick-up and Drop-off outside work hours (10pm to 8am): Price € 24.

Fuel policy

Choose which of the three Formentor Rent a Car fuel policies you would like, absolutely free and without a mileage limit. Fulfil the conditions and you’ll be able to return your car without surcharges.



- Quarter-Quarter:  Pick-up your car with a quarter-filled fuel tank and return it the same.

-Quarter-Empty:  Pick-up your car with a quarter of a fuel tank and return it empty. Priced according to the vehicle, pay when collecting the vehicle.

*Price delivery of the vehicle with less gasoline than stipulated: XX€.

Cancel the booking of your rental car: you must perform the cancellation a minimum of 48 hours in advance, to avoid a penalty. With the understanding that the rental begins at 8am on the first day, penalties for cancelling are as follows: 


- Less than 48 hours before start of rental: 100% payment of agreed total.