Frequently asked questions from Formentor Rent a Car customers

"Can I rent one of your cars at the Palma de Mallorca airport?", "What does Formentor Rent a Car insurance cover?" Or "How can I add an extra driver to my contract?" Our workers offices are used to answering questions from our customers and for that reason they have answered the most common ones to help you answer your questions before renting your car in Mallorca with Formentor Rent a Car.

If your doubt still remains unresolved, please contact us.


Before renting:


What documentation do I need to rent a car in Mallorca with Formentor Rent a Car?

To make the reservation we will need the driver′s ID or passport, driver′s license and a valid credit card. Please have this documentation at hand when picking up your rental car either at the Palma airport, your hotel or one of the offices of Formentor Rent a Car.

In case of having additional drivers your driver′s license and DNI or passport will also be necessary.


How can I pay my rental car?

On this website we only accept payments by credit card (Visa or Master Card) and PayPal. In our offices you can pay in cash or by credit card: we will need your card information for the insurance but these will be stored always respecting the Data Protection Law.


Can I choose the car that I like the most?

You can choose the vehicle category (with several models available inside) that you like the most and whose characteristics (seats, doors, etc) match what you are looking for: in Formentor rent a Car we promise to deliver you a vehicle of that category or, for reasons of availability, a superior without charge.

We can not guarantee that you choose the model, fuel or color that you like but if we have it available at the time of delivery we will gladly deliver it.


Can I rent seats for my children to travel safely?

Yes. You can request baby / child seats both at the time of booking and upon arrival at our offices at a price of € 5 per day up to a maximum of € 45.

We recommend to request this extra when making the reservation to guarantee the availability of seats upon arrival.


During the rental:


Where should I pick up the car? And deliver it? Can I do it at the airport?

You can pick up and drop off your rental car at any of our offices, at Palma airport, at the marina, in private homes, in hotels or villas.

If you request to pick up your vehicle at the airport later we will explain in detail how the agents of Formentor Rent a Car will make the delivery of the car in the airport parking.


What should I do if I am going to arrive late to pick up the car? Can I deliver the car late?

We would appreciate your contacting us via email or phone to advise of any delay you may suffer. For the delivery of the car you have 30 minutes of courtesy but from 1 hour of delay on the scheduled time there will be a surcharge on the credit card.

For deliveries at the airport we request your flight number so that you do not have to worry about possible delays, we will be waiting for you when your plane arrives.


How should the gas tank be when returning my rental car?

You must deliver the deposit according to the gas policy that you have requested: with a deposit room, full or empty.

Check our gasoline policies to choose the one that suits you best.


Who can drive the car?

Only the people who appear in the rental contract as the main or additional driver can drive the car.

To appear as a driver in the contract, the person in question must have a valid driver′s license but we do not require that he be over 21 or similar.


What can not I do with my rental car from Formentor Rent a Car?

It is totally forbidden to carry out practices that put your safety and the vehicle at risk such as driving in inferior conditions due to alcohol or drugs, manipulating the odometer, participating in sports events… 

Consult the "Terms and Conditions of Service" to know what activities are expressly prohibited.


If I need help during my trip, how do I contact Formentor Rent a car?

Contact us by phone, via e-mail or come to one of our offices: our multilingual staff will be happy to assist you.


What does the Formentor Rent a Car assistance service include?

The roadside assistance service of Formentor Rent a Car is designed for you to enjoy your holiday in Mallorca without worrying about small incidentals: this service included in all vehicles covers the cost of assistance in case of battery failure, loss / breakage of keys, etc.

Consult the "Terms and Conditions of Service" to know in which cases a charge for the assistance service will be applied.


What happens in case they put a fine?

We are sorry but you must proceed to pay the penalty: if you do not do it during the rental period of the vehicle you will receive a notification at your home with the necessary instructions to make the corresponding payment.


What do I do in case of accident?

Contact us immediately: we will tell you how to proceed and, if necessary, we will go to the place to help you.

All Formentor Rent a Car vehicles have a comprehensive insurance with franchise that covers civil liability to third parties.


I would like to extend my rent: How can I do it?

Contact us 24 hours before the contract expires at booking@formentor.rent or by calling 971 86 54 92 to extend your rental.

The conditions will be identical to those stipulated in the original contract and you will have to pay the amount of the extension when you deliver your vehicle.


After the rental:


If I left something in the car, how can I get it back?

Contact us and we will send you your forgotten belongings as soon as possible possible. Even so, please check your vehicle before making the return.


Formentor Rent a Car make me a charge on the credit card after having paid my rental car?

We will only charge your credit card if indicated by our terms and conditions of service. For example, if you extend your rent, there is damage to the vehicle not covered by the insurance or delivery of the car with more than 1 hour delay.


I have not been satisfied with Formentor Rent a Car: I want to make a claim!

We regret very much that our services have not been to your liking: in Formentor Rent a Car we do not want anything to ruin your holidays and therefore we focus all our efforts in giving you the best possible service. We have complaint forms at your disposal in all our offices.


I would like to thank the good work of Formentor Rent a Car…

You just made the day happy! You can leave a positive evaluation on Google My Business or share your experience with Formentor Rent a Car on your Facebook and / or Instagram by tagging our profile @ Formentor.Rent.


Other frequently asked questions:


How can I cancel my reservation from Formentor Rent a Car? How much is it going to cost me?

You can cancel your reservation by calling 971865492 or sending an e-mail to booking@formentor.rent. The cancellation must be made at least 96 hours before 08: 00h of the first day of rental. Otherwise, the following penalty will be applied: 

·Less than 48 hours before the start of the rental: 100% of the agreed total will be paid.


I need a bill for my rent: How can I get it?

Visit the invoices section of this website and you can request that we issue an invoice on behalf of your company for the rental of your vehicle from Formentor Rent a Car.


How can I get discounts or offers from Formentor Rent a Car?

In the offers section of this website you will find the latest offers for renting cars: join our newsletter to stay up to date with the news of Formentor Rent a Car, Mallorca and get exclusive discounts.